Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am thinking about going to DeadMau5 and I hear it's a really fun concert.  Tickets are $40-ish dollars on ticketmaster, and the concert is next Tuesday.  I have been celebrating National Coming Out Day this whole week.  In the Library.  I also carved pumpkins today at the Ronald McDonald House.  If you have done any of these things or want to, post!  Isn't this a great post?


  1. do the concert! I don't know who they are but concerts are awesome anyways! unfortunately I haven't had time to do those things though... but McDonalds rules!

  2. I've been celebrating coming out week too. But not in the library - at work. I can see the shell from my office and often think of you girls practicing there.

  3. What do u do with an elephant with 3 balls ?

    you walk him and pitch to the rhino. :)

    A priest, a bishop, and a rabbi are sitting at a table each one saying they are the best at converting something or someone to thier religion. So the priest says he's so good at turning anyone to christian he bets he can convert a bear. So they all bet thay they can do this within a week.
    a week later they get back together and the priest says , i found a bear , read him the bible and he was so moved he learned all the books. The bishop says thats nothing, i found a bear and told him my stories that the bear helped building homes for those in need. The priest and the bishop look at the rabbi all in bandages and really messed up. they asked what happened.
    The rabbi says, i found a bear read him the torah and then tried to circumsize him.
    the bear didnt like that.

  4. hey chowder, lets get some more riesling at porta!!!

  5. Heyy it's your best friend at SHU! Carler, stay out of the corners, the point of no return! Can you imagine that old tommy is still using that line? Sorry to say, but he is haha.

    ummm in my opinion, $40 is pretty expensive for that particular concert. What you gonna study at Northwestern?

  6. So happy that you're coming over for Thanksgiving!!!!!Love Auntie Kathy